John Donovan - 16 week transformation

After many years of competing at a high level in both Rugby and Judo, I decided to turn my hand at something new. Something that would push me physically and mentally to bring me in the best shape I have or could ever achieve. Competing as a fitness model takes dedication, consistency, knowledge and so much more. After doing plenty of research and looking online at 'who' was the best of the best within the industry, I turned to James for guidance.

From our first meet, I knew James was someone I could turn to for guidance, motivation and support. He made me feel at ease and after discussion my options decided to focus on an up and coming show "The WBFF'.

Since this was fast approaching James put me through a cutting edge and personalised program, constantly changing up both my workouts and diets and regular check in's to make sure I was on track. I started at around 18% body fat and 10 weeks later I was down to 5% and stepped on stage with some of the best physiques in the industry. James was on hand even right up to the time of me stepping on stage, and after putting my posing (also done by James) routine through it's paces, I placed top 5 out of a line up of about 35 top physiques coming from the UK and all over Europe!

I am now focusing on the same WBFF show and using James' help again to make sure I bring home the silverware. I have gained a lifetime coach, motivator and friend.



John Transform


Tommy Manunza - 12 Week transformation

I chose James as a Coach as we had competed together 2 years before and I had seen him advance in his career and his competitions. He was supportive and encouraging every step of the way and thanks to his guidance i was able to drop my bodyfat from 13% to 6% in 12 weeks and get onto the WBFF Stage! Thanks James

TommyM transform


Adam Ballinger 12 Week Transformation

I started my short competition prep with James with the intention of building my legs as a priority, but also getting into best condition for the Miami Pro stage. This was a tough scenario for a coach in theory. He took a bespoke approach to my plans and we focused on mass gain right up to the final few weeks, i came in bigger than before, with 1.5 inches on my legs and lean for the stage!  James has given me a great start and is an amazing coach cheers mate. I am about to do my next 2 shows under his guidance, can't wait to see what the future holds! Follow my journey at @adamballingerfitness

Adam Transform



Dave Cunningham - 12 Week Transformation


I needed to lose about 10% bodyfat to be ready for my amateur WBFF competition and James was an obvious choice as a coach. I brought my best physique to the stage and i took a medal in a tough category of over 40 guys! I highly recommend James for his technical knowledge and his support!