Alexander Ellis


I have indeed been blessed with an exciting journey through the fitness industry. I had initially qualified from University in 2001 with a bachelors degree in Product Design but after a few years on the corporate ladder I decided it was time to move on and leverage my entrepreneurial mind, and my desire to have a more fulfilling career in health and fitness!

I had worked with a couple of Trainers in the preceding year as I sought to improve my own physique, and found the relationship to be extremely beneficial, making my decision to change my career an easy one.

As such, I began as a humble Personal Trainer in a local LA Fitness, and I was living my dream of working with our members to help them achieve their goals. Whilst focused on my work as a trainer, I was also obsessive about my physique and I was able to make more progress – as I spent more time in the gym generally!

After doing a professional fitness photoshoot in 2010 and then my first amateur competition in 2011, I was truly launched into the industry with my sights set on success.  I focused on blogging my journey and posting videos, photos and workout tips on my growing Social Media platforms and saw much growth and engagement from my fans.

Now, many years on I have built an international profile and a huge client base and, as such, I now fulfil the following duties all over the world:

  • Competition / Bodybuilding Prep Coach
  • Posing Coach 
  • Celebrity Judge (WBFF, Miami Pro, KO Squad)
  • Cover Model (Muscle & Fitness, UltraFit)
  • Published Author (Men’s Health, Muscle & Fitness) 
  • Public Speaker & Event Host
  • Fitness Consultant (Corporate)
  • Brand Ambassador & Sponsored Athlete 

At the root of all of this however, remains my original love of being a teacher and a motivator. My work as an Online Coach remains the core of my business and I’m blessed every day to be able to help so many people across the world!



Bodypower’s USN “Best Body” Winner 2011 (Birmingham)
NIFMA Open Class 2011 (Belfast) – Gold Medal (Fitness Model Swimwear Category)
Miami Pro UK Championships “Muscle Model” (London) Winner 2012
WBFF/Fitness Atlantic 2012 (Conecticut, USA) Male Fitness Model 1st Place (Pro card) 2012
WBFF Fitness Atlantic 2012 (Conecticut, USA) Muscle Model 2nd Place 2012
WBFF Word Championships 2012 “Pro Fitness Model” Finalist (7th Place)
WBFF Word Championships 2013 “Pro Muscle Model” Finalist (5th Place)
WBFF Word Championships 2015 “Pro Muscle Model” Finalist (6th Place)
WBFF European Championships (london) “Pro Muscle Model” Finalist (3rd Place)
WBFF Word Championships 2015 “Pro Muscle Model” Finalist (3rd Place)

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