50 of the best tips you'll ever read about getting a shredded midsection! Foods to include and foods to avoid! Exercise and cardio suggestions and detailed info about hormones.




You do everything the magazines tell you to do. Four days a week in the gym, cardio and weights. You bought the right sports gear, down the protein shakes, and do your sets religiously. You even take it easy on the carbs to avoid the jelly belly you see on most forty year old blokes. No self-respecting guy wants to look like that, right?

You’re holding your own, but for whatever reason, you still can’t seem to get that coveted, sculpted six-pack. And no matter what latest 3-minute ab trend you jump on, nothing seems to work.


James Alexander Ellis' Free eBook: 50 Tips for Ripped Abs

What is it? Bad genes? Not enough exercise? Not pushing it to the limit? Nope.

Plain and simple? You’ve probably been focusing on your ABS too much and not on the other things like, DIET, CV and… TRAINING OTHER MUSCLE GROUPS!

It’s not your fault.

Discover the diet secrets of the Pros and banish those bad eating habits that are stopping you from getting that ripped physique FOREVER

If you’ve got bad training and eating habits, the fact is that it does not matter how much weight you lift, how many sets you do, or how many hours you spend in the gym.

You have got to banish those habits for good.

If getting ripped was easy, we’d all have that chiselled look the ladies like.

You know, I was like you and I listened to all that talk. I bought into it.

But here’s the thing. A lean, sculpted look is more about diet than exercise. Without a doubt. And it’s more about what you don’t eat that matters…

In 50 Tips for Ripped Abs, I’ll blow the diet secrets of the PROS wide open.

You’ll learn:

  • Diet and nutrition advice from the experts on how to really lose body fat, plus the secret foods that are ruining your training regime
  • 10 top tips on AB-SPECIFIC FAT LOSS (this stuff is solid gold)
  • The number one mistake that guys are making in the gym, and how you can avoid it

Are you ready to start your transformation?



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